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K-5th Grade 2014-2015 School Supply List
Posted On:
Monday, June 16, 2014
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          6         packs #2 pencils

                  (24 regular pencils)                      

       4         packs of 24 count crayons      

     12         glue sticks

      3          manuscript tablets

      1          plastic pencil box                  

      1          Scissors (Fiskar blunt tip)

      4          plastic folders with prongs

      4          boxes of Kleenex                                  

      4          rolls/paper towels                                                                    

      2          boxes of baby wipe

      4          bottles of liquid soap or hand sanitizer                                

      1          pack of 4 Dry Erase Markers

      2          box of gallon Ziploc bags  

      2          Steno pads

      1          bag of sandwich bags with the zip  

                  Daily Snack (no sodas/glass bottles)



            First Grade


      5       dozen #2 pencils

      2       packs of pencil top erasers

      4       boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

      1       pack of Crayola markers

    10       glue sticks (no bottles please)

      3       boxes of Kleenex

      3       rolls of paper towels

      3       boxes of Clorox disinfectant wipes

      3        bottles of hand sanitizer (Purell)

      1        bottle of hand soap

      1        can of Lysol disinfectant spray

      2        boxes of Ziploc (easy zip) qt. size

      2        boxes of Ziploc (easy zip) gal. size

      5        plastic folders with prongs

               (red, yellow, orange and green)

      4        composition notebooks

               (Math, Science, Social Studies and Spelling)


                  Second Grade


      2        rolls of paper towels

      3        boxes of Kleenex

      3        large bottles of hand sanitizer

      1        box of small Ziploc bags

      1        box of large Ziploc bags

      1        container of Lysol wipes

      1        pack of construction paper

      2        plastic folders

      2        5-subject notebooks

    10        24-count pack of pencils

      5        packs of eraser tops

      3        Composition notebooks

      5        packs of notebook paper

      2        handwriting notebooks

      2        boxes of crayons

      1        pair of scissors

      1        pack of glue sticks

      2        packs of dry erase markers

      1        pack of index cards

      1        pack of blue eraser top pens

      1        pack of markers



                 Third Grade


     3       packs of #2 pencils

     1       pencil case – (not a box)

     2       large zipper,  Mesh pocket

     3       highlighters -

              (yellow, Fluorescent green and orange)

     1       12 pack of color pencils

     2       Mead composition notebooks, 100 pages,

              wide ruled black/white

     4       large Elmer’s glue sticks

     6       facial tissues, soft, large box

     1       box 48 count crayons

     1       pack of Expo, dry eraser markers

     8       pocket folders with prongs 

              (blue, yellow, red and green)

     9       1 subject spiral noteboks (wide ruled, 70 pages)

     1        8 pack of color markers

     5        5 tab multicolor dividers

     1        Fiskar scissors for kids 5” point

     1        2” 3-ringed binder (no trapper keepers)

     1        pack of multiplication flash cards, Factors 0-12

     2        packs of red ballpoint pens

     1        pocket sized calculator

     2        packs of erasers

     6        bottles of hand sanitizer

     6        rolls of paper towels

     2        containers of Clorox disinfectant wipes



                Fourth Grade


     2        five subject notebooks   (Family Dollar)

     4        boxes of 12 count pencils

     2        packs of pencil top erasers

     1        box of Crayola Crayons

     1        pack of EXPO dry erase markers      

     1        pair of blunt tip scissors

     3        glue sticks

     3        rolls of paper towels

     2        boxes of Kleenex

     2        bottles of hand sanitizer

     2        containers of Clorox  disinfectant Wipes

     1        plastic dishpan/tub for students to                 

               keep under their desks.

     2        packs of loose leaf paper

     4        pocket folders  (2 red and 2 blue folders)

 *A friendly reminder – Do not label these supplies because they will be checked in on a supply checklist when they arrive to class. Throughout the year, the supplies will be distributed accordingly. Most of these supplies are located at all Family Dollar Stores.           



               Fifth Grade


   10        five-subject notebooks

     5        one-subject notebooks

     1        small dictionary & thesaurus

   10        boxes of #2 pencils

     2        packs of pencil top erasers

     1        box 48 count Crayola crayons

     1        box colored pencils                              

   10        glue sticks

     1        small digital timer (Dollar Tree)

     1        pair of blunt tip scissors

     1        pack of dry erase markers (thick tip)

     1        pack of wet erase visa-vis  (thin tip) markers

     6        boxes of Kleenex                                          

     6        rolls of paper towels

   10        bottles of hand sanitizer (8oz.) NO SOAP

     1        12 qt. dishpan (bin)  (Must fit under the desk)

   1        Basic Calculator





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