C.F. Hard Thinks Big!

Think Big Literacy Lab Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Thank you, Amazon for funding our Think Big Literacy Lab, which will serve as a cornerstone for our third grade students' academic journey, helping them develop essential skills and a deep appreciation for the power of words.The Think Big Literacy Lab will open new worlds of learning for our students and ignite their curiosity and passion for literacy.
We express our sincere appreciation for Amazon's dedication to education and their belief in the potential of our young learners. Amazon's support will undoubtedly make a difference in their lives, and we are excited to witness their growth and development in the coming years.

Thank you once again, Amazon, for your generosity and commitment to our school community. We are truly grateful for your partnership in nurturing a love for literacy in our third-grade students.

To see WBRC Fox 6 News' live coverage about our Think Big Literacy Lab, CLICK HERE.