About Charles F. Hard Elementary

Mission Statement

The mission of Charles F. Hard School is to provide students with a safe secure environment and learning opportunities to prepare for the future.

Our Vision

The vision of Charles F. Hard Elementary School is to communicate high expectations to all while guiding students to learn independently and work cooperatively.

Our Beliefs

  • Everyone is valued.
  • Students learn in different ways to gain an understanding of skills.
  • A safe environment promotes student learning.
  • Internal and external stakeholders share the responsibility of supporting the school's mission.
  • A student's self-esteem enhances with successful learning experiences.

History & Philosophy


Charles F. Hard Elementary and Middle School, named for the second mayor of Bessemer, was constructed in 1894. The original buildings were destroyed by fire in 1958 and replaced with four modern structures on its present thirteen-acre site in 1959. In 1988 the Bessemer City School System underwent reconstruction and Charles F. Hard's entire campus became an elementary school, with grades K-6.


Our school is a community where people offer strength and support for each other. By combining our resources as educators, parents, and students, we will be able to create the best possible academic environment. Each student is given an opportunity to reach his.her potential through professional assistance.

Therefore, the staff will strive to:

  • Assess each child's level of academic achievement;
  • Provide suitable instructional materials & activities;
  • Provide an orderly and safe environment;
  • Guide in developing problem-solving, decision-making and creative thinking skills; and
  • Promote good citizenship through teaching respect for the authority and rights of others.